About Us

Welcome to “I am following Jesus"

We are God’s children.

This website is an online church for web surfers – a space where you can experience God’s love and grace and where you could find the power to grow as a disciple of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Life is sometimes unkind and there are many living in despair. There are many with hearts that are broken, with dreams that are shattered, and with needs so heavy that they are burdened down. We reach out to those.

However, this site is also for people on the go who often surf the web but who cannot go to church regularly or who could not find a home in a church near them yet.

Yes, we use a modern medium of worship – the internet – but we believe, like those who came before us, that God does not change (Heb 13:8) and that ‘The righteous shall live by faith’ in God (Rom. 1:17).

We have big plans - lively services for families with young children as well as quieter, more reflective, worship events.

We aim to be biblically and intellectually honest by allowing the Word of God to speak. We also believe that our salvation is truly of the Lord, from beginning to end. Yes, it is a fellowship between believers but it is ultimately based on our union with Christ.

We pray that you will find a home with us.