Is a pagan church possible?


Apparently yes ......

Many modern people are adopting ideas and lifestyles that only one generation ago would have been unthinkable. Western society has become thoroughly hedonistic, i.e. pleasure oriented.

In just one generation, we have witnessed a revolution in the way people think of sex. Same-sex relationships are considered normal and restricting sex to marriage is considered abnormal.

Behaviour once thought shameful is flaunted with pride.

No doubt, there is a connection between the changing attitudes to human sexuality in society and the eagerness on the part of some churches to reinterpret Scripture's teaching on sex. The church has become a follower of pop-culture. We are witnessing the paganization the Church

Scripture holds that sex is not to be practiced as an end in itself, but rather as a means to an end, the end being to strengthen the marriage bond and to support the family. Sex is restricted to husbands and wives who, if they become parents, are responsible for raising children to become productive members of society.

19 September-2017